Friday, October 26, 2007

Harvard Educational Review on Peace

The Harvard Educational Review offered a symposium on peace education in its Fall 2007 issue. The articles were written in response to the Virgina Tech shootings but cover a wide range of topics.

I will share the list of articles here, and blog about them 1 by 1 as I find the time.

~ Calling Institutions of Higher Education to Join the Quest for Social Justice and Peace by Elavie Ndura

~ Peace Education in a Violent Culture by Ian Harris

~ The Psychology of Violence and Peace by Rosemarie Stallworth-Clark

~ Love, Peace, and Wisdom in Education : Transforming Education for Peace

~ Rethinking the Unimaginable : The Need for Teacher Education in Peace Education by Tony Jenkins

~ Educating for Peace with Critical Exploration by William Schorr

~ Creating and Sustaining Peaceable School Communities by Linda Bion-Meisels, Steven Bion-Meisels, and Catherine Hoffman

~ Arts and Peace Education : The Richmond Youth Peace Project by Adria Scharf and Ram Bhagat

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