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We are kicking off a national effort to invest in children and invite you to join us and a large group of national organizations to support critical investments in children. We invite you to join us for this media event. The directions attached provide important information about parking for the press event. Please let me know if you have any questions. Best regards, Ellie

Maine and National Leaders Back Renewed Progress for Children
Coalition Calls for Greater Investments in Maine's Children and Youth to Help Prepare Them for School, Work and Life
Thousands of children in Maine live in poverty, have no health insurance and are abused or neglected. But these children have been largely invisible during these times of economic crisis. In response, the Children's Leadership Council (CLC) will launch its "Invest in Children, Strengthen America" campaign.

What: Press Conference

When: 11:00 a.m. on December 17, 2008

Where: Casey Family Services, 75 Washington Avenue, Portland.

Why: The CLC is calling on Members of Congress, and President-elect Obama to make a commitment to specific economic recovery measures as well as long term investments that can keep more children and youth from falling into poverty. Making this kind of investment now will go a long way toward securing our future, providing real solutions to our short and long-term economic challenges, and strengthening America.

Speakers will include:

· Chellie Pingree, US Representative - elect

· Tania Reed, working mother

· Elinor Goldberg, President/CEO Maine Children's Alliance

· Members of many national groups will speak and/or be available for interviews

The launch coincides with a week of similar events across the country and with the national launch on December 18th at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

The CLC is a coalition of child advocates representing 36 leading national policy and advocacy organizations, with members and affiliates in every state in the nation. These groups are working everyday to improve the health, education and well-being of children and youth in order to prepare them for school, work, and life. For the first time, there is a strong, unified group of organizations speaking with one voice to achieve a singular mission - building the public awareness and creating the political will necessary to make greater investments in America's children and youth a reality. The "invest in Children, Strengthen America" campaign will focus on both short and long term investments that are proven effective and save taxpayers money in the long run, all while preparing children and youth for school, work and life by improving the health, education, and well-being of children across America.


From the South:
From Interstate 295 take Exit 7 (Franklin Arterial)
* Proceed straight through first set of lights.
* At second set of lights, take a left (Fox Street).
* Proceed straight up to the top of the hill and take a right onto Washington Ave.
Casey Family Services is a ½ block up on the left. We are located in the old J. J. Nissen Building. It is a large brick building with blue metal awnings. Entrance is on the bottom level.
* We are located on the 3rd floor. Please sign in.

From the North:

* From Interstate 295 take Exit 8 (Washington Avenue South)
* Proceed for about a ½ mile.
* Casey Family Services is on the left. We are located in the old J. J. Nissen Building. It is a large brick building with blue metal awnings. Entrance is on the bottom level.
* We are located on the 3rd floor. Please sign in.


There is no on site parking. A satellite parking lot is available for Casey Family Services' visitors. This is located at 107 Washington Avenue (formerly 3 G's Garage). The parking lot is on the left hand side (driving towards Congress St.), diagonally across from Fasulo's Market and a pottery business and is approximately a ½ block before 75 Washington Avenue. Parking is available on either side of the building. Please disregard signs indicating parking by permit only.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In defense of Teasing

A friend shared with me an interesting NYT article about the hidden benefits of teasing. I have mixed feelings about it, since I think young children are very literal and the idea of using teasing as a way to have nuanced or cloaked critique is pretty sophisticated. But, the authors make a strong argument for the importance of humor as a way of softening blows, and the importance of having some strategies for herding us humans down the road of community living. I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts...

In contrast, GLSEN is sponsoring a creative expression contest for students to express what teasing has meant to them and strategies for ending hurtful words. And, No Name Calling Week has been set for January 26 - 30. Many have written about the oddness of setting aside one week to limit name calling, but access to resources, and a set time to intentionally involve students in reflection about teasing makes some sense to me.

Great Joy

Kate DiCamillo's picture book Great Joy is a poignant one to read during this time of economic crisis. I am a bit miffed at how heartless the mom seems, but I also recognize that hurried and tunnel-vision element of middle-class adulthood, while Frances, the child, is in the moment and connects with the person she sees.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Judith Warner article

This is an interesting perspective on how to shield our kids from horrible news, and the dilemmas of not being able to all the time. (Thanks Naomi!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More about toxic toys

NPR had a story this morning about the outrageous levels of toxins in children's toys -- 1/3 of those tested had alarming levels of lead, arsenic or pvc.

The HEALTHY TOYS website lets consumers search to see the record on many toys and products. However, it is vital that we pressure legislators into placing the burden for safe toys on manufacturers and distrubtors -- not parents. (see below!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Take Action from Prevent Harm

Environmental Health Strategy Center - PREVENT HARM

Preventing harm where we live, work and play

Action Needed Tonight
Tuesday, December 2

Take 2 Minutes Tonight (December 2) to Protect Maine Kids from Toxic Chemicals

Maine's newly elected Legislature will meet for the first time on Wednesday, December 3.

Our new Senators need to hear from us on their first day of work that we expect them to protect Maine's brand new Kid-Safe Products Law (which will help get the worst toxic chemicals out of everyday consumer products) from chemical industry attacks.

On Tuesday evening, December 2nd, please take just 2 minutes to call the Maine Senate toll free number and leave a personal message on the answering machine for your Senator to receive the next day.

Call 1-800-423-6900 on Tuesday evening, December 2 and leave this message for your Maine Senator on the answering machine:

• Your name and town and your Senator's name.
• "Please support Maine's new Kid-Safe Products Law and the rules needed to fully implement it."

Not sure who your Maine Senator is? Use this link to look it up:
(enter your zip code in the "Find Your Representatives" box)

Maine's kids will thank you.

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