Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mojo Mom

Amy Tiemann is part of my generation of highly educated mothers who've been "off-ramped" and yet still have professional ambitions. She combines her experience of mothering with a personal-is-political analysis. She has written a book, The Mojo Mom, has a podcast which is free on itunes, and offers resources on her web site. I like her approach because she focuses on the support that individual women need (although I thought this was overly stressed in her 1st book and hope that there is a more political tone in the new edition) but also pushes women to think about advocating for mothers and families more broadly through political change.

Her latest podcast introduced a project called the op-ed project, an organization that encourages women to bring our voices into the political mainstream through participation in editorial pages and other forms of public debate. I am going to try to pull some of the facts and figures about child poverty together into an op-ed, and hope others might think about doing the same !

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