Thursday, November 6, 2008

PBS Family Page

PBS has new web site for parents and a web site for kids, about families and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, PBS has adopted a lot of the creepy "cool" look of pop culture and it adds an edge that is offputting to me (the drawings look a lot like BRATZ for example). On the other hand, they do pull from an interesting group of experts and address topics that I care about.

They have a site specifically directed towards helping parents think about media literacy -- not sure if there is any tounge-in-cheek there, since they are the media, but hopefully it is good stuff...

I spent some time on their sibling rivalry page and am going to bring their book list to the library with me -- it seems like books are always a good way to start conversations in our house, although so many books about siblings -- starting with the new baby books -- stress the negative (think, The Pain and The Great One) . I wonder if part of my attempt at learned optimism should be to focus on books that emphasize the good things -- any suggestions anyone?

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