Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In defense of Teasing

A friend shared with me an interesting NYT article about the hidden benefits of teasing. I have mixed feelings about it, since I think young children are very literal and the idea of using teasing as a way to have nuanced or cloaked critique is pretty sophisticated. But, the authors make a strong argument for the importance of humor as a way of softening blows, and the importance of having some strategies for herding us humans down the road of community living. I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts...

In contrast, GLSEN is sponsoring a creative expression contest for students to express what teasing has meant to them and strategies for ending hurtful words. And, No Name Calling Week has been set for January 26 - 30. Many have written about the oddness of setting aside one week to limit name calling, but access to resources, and a set time to intentionally involve students in reflection about teasing makes some sense to me.

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