Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fwd: Take Back the Night!

Take Back the Night, the annual community gathering in response to sexual assault, will be held on Friday April 24th at 6pm at the First Parrish Church.  There is a rally during which Prevention. Action. Change. is leading "NO" and "YES" Circles, followed by a march through the streets of Portland.
This year as part of a public education effect, we are collecting bystander pledges (pledges to act to prevent and respond to Sexual Assault) and Speak Outs from survivors of sexual violence. The Speakouts are anonymous and you choose how they are used.
If you would like to submit either a By-stander Pledge or a Speak Out.  You can return them via email tojohanna@sarsonline.org or by mail to: SARSSM PO Box 1371, Portland, ME, 04104.

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