Sunday, September 16, 2007

Teaching about Native American History

Acadia National Park Service offers a very detailed kit for teaching about Passamaquoddy History and Culture -- dates for a training are TBA but much of the kit is available online

From the
Spring 2007 - Date TBD
Passamaquoddy History and Culture: A Teaching Kit for Grades 5-8
Experience the National Park Service’s new learning tool for Maine teachers: Passamaquoddy History and Culture: A Teaching Kit for Grades 5-8! Participate in kit activities and be introduced to the hands-on teaching tools in the kit; learn how to build a Passamaquoddy kit for the classroom or borrow one of four kits available for loan; and garner a greater understanding of Saint Croix Island International Historic Site—Maine’s second National Park Unit—and the important relationship that developed between the French and Passamaquoddy in 1604.
Teachers will receive:
1. six contact hours for workshop participation;
2. handouts related to Passamaquoddy history and culture;
3. a CD of the kit’s Teacher’s Guide;
4. handouts that link the kit’s activities to specific Maine Learning Results; and more!
Check back later for details or contact Meg Scheid at 207-454-3871.

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