Friday, February 29, 2008

Stop Maine Budget Cuts!

Dear MAIN members and friends:

Current state budget proposals will hurt many Maine people and weaken our communities. MaineCare, education and important services for women, children and the elderly are all on the table to be slashed.

We need you to take action NOW to stop these cuts. Please help! Join with thousands of others to let our legislators know that Maine Can Do Better. Together, we can make a difference. Here's how!

Go to Maine Can Do Better

Click on 'Take Action'. Then:

1. Sign the petition: This petition will be presented to legislators to let them know that Maine people want them to stop budget cuts that weaken our communities and hurt our neighbors, family and friends.

2. Contact your legislator: By clicking on this link on the website, you can send an email directly to your State Senator and State Representative. Don't worry if you don't know their names. The website will know from your home address.

A Few Hints:

Change the subject line: The current subject line for the email says 'Maine can do better'. We ask that you put your own words on the subject line so that the thousands of emails that legislators receive won't all look the same. Here are some suggestions: Stop the budget cuts; Protect Maine people;
Save our communities; People first, stop the cuts; Cuts hurt real people; or Cut now, spend more later.

Use your own words in the message: We encourage you to change the text of the e-mail and write a message in your own words. Tell your legislator to protect health care for people in the MaineCare non-categorical program (childless adults living in poverty) and stop any other cuts you are concerned about. This will only take a few minutes but will make a huge difference.

For more information about the cuts click here:

That's it! Now that you've taken these simple action steps, please forward this email to others - friends, family, coworkers, groups - so that they, too, can take action to stop the cuts. Help us reach our goal of getting 50,000 Maine people to contact their legislators.

Thank you. Together, our actions will make a difference!

This message has been sent by:

Maine Association of Interdependent Neighborhoods (M.A.I.N.)
P.O. Box 69, Hallowell, ME 04347

Maine Equal Justice Partners
126 Sewall St.
Augusta, ME 04330
Toll-free: 1-866-626-7059
In Augusta: 626-7058

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