Monday, January 12, 2009

Journal for Peace

I adore the band The Nields and this comes from Nerissa:

Journal For Peace

In these interesting (I'm thinking positively) economic times, many of us feel more than ever that we could use some support. I know that's true for me, which is why I surround myself with people who are as eager to tell on themselves as I am, and by that I mean: people willing to say, "Here's what I'm afraid of" and not be judged for saying so. The zeitgeist of the times is all about scarcity; we've just learned that consumer spending is at its lowest ebb in over half a century. And we also know that when we think we don't have enough, we humans begin to behave strangely: we hoard, we worry, we become less generous. And what we need, paradoxically, is to behave as though we have everything we need right here, right now. When we come from a place of equanimity and gratitude, we open ourselves up to the miracles that are all around us. I know you already know this, but this might just be the best time in your life.

In this 10 week program, weaving modern day psychology with concepts from Buddhism, Christianity, Yoga and 12 Step Spirituality, we'll be discussing and working on the following themes:
-Mind/Body connection
-Articulating and achieving our desires
-Articulating and living our life's mission
-Exploring our spirituality
-Boundaries in relationships and also around food and money
-Working on our personal road maps (where we came from)
-Exquisite self-care: treats, feasts, personalized delights (where we're headed)
-Writing (of course) as a means of liberation
-Radical peace-making

Also, in these interesting economic times, we all want a bargain. So here's what we're proposing here at Symbols & Cymbals Life Composition, my grand corporation of one:
• You get some life coaching with a clear target: making peace with fear, be it financial, social, personal, professional. Another way of saying this is "Making Peace With What Is."
• You get it at almost 1/3 the price (10 weeks for $300 instead of 1 month for $300)
• You get the wisdom of a group of fellow travelers and not just yours truly
• You get to do the work--because you'll be showing up for your weekly call in the presence of others, peer pressure will insure that you will actually do that exercise, take that quiet time, commit to that goal.

We will be meeting weekly on the phone (bridge line, conference call) for a fifty minute hour (another bargain—sessions are usually a half-hour). Each week, we'll explore a different issue, share what we learned in the previous week, have an opportunity to be coached, talk about what is working, what is not working. At the beginning, each of us will identify an area in our lives where we want to make peace (or areas) and work mindfully on that specific area for the duration of the program. I will always give homework, which will often consist of writing. If appropriate, we might share writing online before or after meetings.

Right now, I have two spots open, depending on what would be most convenient for participants: Wednesday afternoons from 3-3:50 or Friday afternoons either at 3 or 4. I'd like to start the group the first week of February and meet through the end of April. My thought about the group is that it would be no fewer than four and no more than 8. If I get, say 10 responses, I would do two groups instead of one. We will be very structured with set time for each person to share. There would be no cross talk, though if someone wanted feedback, she could ask for it. We'd set some ground rules about feedback, too.

To sign up, email To secure your spot for the class, go here.

I hope to be working with you soon!

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