Friday, February 6, 2009

Enviornmental Health Action

"Every Maine consumer deserves a home that is free of toxic chemicals, and Maine's business owners should also have the right to know that the products being sold on their shelves are safe"

The Environmental Health Strategy Center (EHSC) has been keeping warm these days by staying active! Together with partners from the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine, we've been reaching out to local businesses to get support for initiatives aimed at creating less pollution in people.

If you know of - or own- a local business that wants to sign on to a statement that says we shouldn't have to choose between good health and good business, contact Meredith Small at or call (207) 871-8035

Legislative Priorities for 2009:

Along with ensuring implementation of the Kids' Safe Product Act (LD2048), EHSC joins its partners in supporting the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine's legislative priorities:

Address safety and disposal issues of mercury containing lightbulbs
Protect neighbors and small farmers with a notification system for pesticide spraying
Phase out lead wheel weights to protect drinking water and wildlife
Improve Maine's e-waste law to recycle more and save money
Ensure that Maine Firefighters get the care they need when they contract cancer from workplace chemical exposures
On Tuesday, February 10th, we'll be at the Statehouse in Augusta speaking with legislators about these legislative priorities - for a briefing and to take part - Join us on Tuesday morning!

For more information on the ACHM Legislative priorities, and to join us at the Statehouse on February 10th, contact Kristine Jenkins at or call (207) 878-0082/ (207) 409-9193 (cell)

May your home and your body be pollution free!

-Kristine Jenkins

Environmental Health Strategy Center, 878-0082/409-9193 (cell)

Additional Information and Resources:

We have some great new information sheets and articles. Please contact me at to get electronic or hard copies of:

Information sheets on ACHM legislative priorities - 2009
Study: "Pollution Comes Home and Gets Personal" about women's household chemical exposures, Journal of Health and Social Behavior,Volume 49, #4 visit
"Girl Disrupted: Hormone Disrupters and Women's Reproductive Health" (and other great materials from the Collaborative on Health and the Environment)

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