Saturday, May 2, 2009


Labyrinths are used for mindfulness and peacemaking. Labyrinths provide opportunities for reflection and settling oneself. Some teachers suggest using finger labyrinths with children, to help them focus and settle.

On Sunday, May 17th, from 12 - 4 Lifeworks Chiropractics will offer "Labryinth : A Moving Meditation" -- they say:
A labryinth is a winding path used for contemplation and transformation. Join us for this FREE event where you can walk the labyrinth and experience a gentle spinal alignment to release the spine and relax the body."
Of course, we have a beautiful labyrinth on Mackworth Island. Below are some links for ideas for using it, or bringing one to your home garden.

Real School Gardens offers a bunch of resources, including this pdf about garden labryinth rituals

Labyrinths in School is a whole organization / site devoted to this idea.

This article explains how to make finger labyrinths from clay -- a nice way to start summer, perhaps.

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