Monday, October 19, 2009


Are you curious about Tuesday night's  FREE panel event "Detox Your Toy Box"  (7pm, October 20th, USM Abromson Center  -- parking is FREE) but worried that you'll be overwhelmed with scary information?  There is so much bad news -- check out this Bangor Daily News article  about toxins in the blood of Maine health care workers for a shock -- but feeling shamed, guilty or panicky often immobilizes us instead of helping move us toward action.

At this event, we are going to get the most up-to-date scientific information from David Bellinger, a Harvard researcher with a commitment to translating the science into ideas we can work with.  We're also going to celebrate the most recent community activism on this issue (take part NOW), and learn about upcoming opportunities for making change, with help from Kristine Jenkins of the Environmental Health Strategy Center

And, perhaps most important for parents and teachers, Nicole Borrasso, a teacher at FSP, is going to inspire us with stories about the ways that kids are engaged in environmental stewardship through outdoor play, education and  exploration.  They already have ecological intelligence  and we can partner with them to make cleaning the planet both a joyful and an ordinary everyday practice.  See David Sobel's article in YES magazine  for a teaser ... or this more recent YES article  about "place-based" education.  

More follow-up resources to come! 

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