Monday, August 13, 2007

Children's Books

We are a reading family and Kate (age 3) is now in the habit of having books with her breakfast. We read a lot of different kinds of books, but I am always grateful when a book supports our values and/or opens up interesting conversations. The Maine Humanities Council's Born to Read Program offers an amazing bibliography of children's books and well developed curriculum for using children's literature to learn about social justice and diversity issues and to learn about / practice peace (the peaceable stories web site isn't developed yet but you can find some information under trainings). There are other bibliographies available (see links below).

Some of our current favorites are:

* Stellaluna, about a fruit bat and some birds who learn that they can recognize and live their differences and still be friends;

* Karen Katz's new books Can You Say Peace? and The Colors of Us ~ both simple picture books with colorful pictures.

* The Art Book for Children -- a very cool book, suggested by a friend, that prompts us to talk about art and images and feelings.


Brita said...

Thanks for the links, Kim! We'd love to hear book suggestions from parents for our Peaceable Stories program. There are so many wonderful children's books that promote empathy and understanding...without hitting kids over the head with didactic cliches.

Brita Zitin, Born to Read

susan saari said...

I would like to recommend a wonderful book of photos and text called Mzee & Owen: The true story of a remarkable friendship.
Owen is a baby hippo separated from his family in the Tusnami.
Owen was found and brougt to an aminal refuge near Mombasa in Kenya.
The story is inspiring and truly wonderful. The photos amazing.
I love this book.
Susan Saari
Scarsdale, NY

susan saari said...

in discussing the book
Owen & Mzee I forgot to say that Mzee is a 130 year old giant Tortoise.
What makes the story so exciting and incredible is the bonding of a young Hippo and this huge Tortois.
Susan Saari

Suze said...

originally I inverted the book title.
(not the other way around)
Just wanted to update the information.