Friday, August 17, 2007

Maine Resources

People in Maine have amazing talents and there are incredible resources around us for creating peaceful communities and resolving conflicts respectfully. Some friends have sent links and I know of others. These focus on schools / youth programs and is by no means exhaustive. I hope people will use the comments to add to the list -- I'll update it into a big permanent list after a bit...

** Staying Safe: Violence Prevention Skills for People with Disabilities A Train the Trainer Course on October 11th @ USM

** The Tree School : A Preschool / Parent&Child learning enviornment that emphasizes learning about world cultures in a peaceful setting. Teachers engage multiple intelligences in the curriculum.

** The Telling Room : A Portland based writing project for young people -- last year the Telling Room hosted a story project that encouraged young immigrant and refuge teens to share their stories about coming to America.

** A Company of Girls : an afterschool theater program for girls, with an emphasis on creating community, self-expression and developing resiliency / challenging sexism.

** Seeds of Peace : An internationally recognized camp / youth leadership program that helps build empathy and increase knowledge among youth living through geopolitical conflicts.

** Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence : an organization that works locally and nationally to prevent bias crimes among youth by increasing empathy and conflict resolution skills

** Friends School of Portland : A new Quaker School in Maine with an emphasis on peace

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