Saturday, August 18, 2007

"How We Are Smart" ~ a children's book about multiple intelligences

Nikola-Lisa, W and Sean Qualls. 2006. How We Are Smart. New York : Lee and Low Books.

This book uses poetry and artwork introduces talented Americans and emphasizes 8 different ways that people can be smart (body, logic, music, nature, people, picture, self, word). Drawing on Howard Gardner's ideas of multiple intelligences, the book provides insight into the different ways that "famous" people express their talents and invites kids to think about themselves and each other in a multifaceted way.


LEE & LOW BOOKS : Teacher resources for teaching about diversity. (PDF classroom guides, by theme, that are connected to books published by Lee & Low).

Multiple Intelligences and Child Development
(the basics)

Project Zero at Harvard -- research and publications focused on integrating ideas of MI into the classroom. Project Zero offers professional development opportunities, an annual conference and an e-bookstore.

Strong Start
: A SEL curriculum

John Gottman developed the idea of "emotional intelligence" and has a wonderful book on the topic : "The Heart of Parenting" as well as other resources for families.

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