Tuesday, November 13, 2007

YES Magazine

Yes Magazine is a hopeful magazine that focuses on social justice issues. It stems from or draws from David Korten's work "The Great Turning." Both he and spouse Fran are major contributers -- Fran is Executive Director of the Positives Future Network which publishes Yes!

The web site includes a ton of resources -- most interesting are the discussion guides that could enliven family dinners or tepid class discussions.

The Human Rights Resource Guide : A Users Guide to Taking a Stand includes fabulous links to a variety of organizations. Although a couple of years old, the resource guide for creating sustainable and joyful communities is full of inspiration.

Yes also offers support for teachers - although it isn't always clear what age group the materials target. Teachers can get a 1-year subscription for free and can find modules for teaching about geo-peace-politics or human rights.

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