Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Equinox, and more regular posting

After a lovely summer break from blogging, I am returning to P4P, although without a clear mission. The start of this blog included collecting my zillions of links and resources and putting them all in one place. But, my parenting process is ongoing, and the world keeps changing, so I expect this blog to be 1-part reflection, 1-part resource exchange, and 1-part political updates. Of course, I'd love to hear people's comments, ideas, suggestions, feedback, etc.!

This week includes so many moments for families to light a candle, enjoy a meal, pause, reflect, and set goals that a person can feel overwhelmed before it starts. Rosh Hashanah, International Day of Peace, the Equinox, Yom Kippur . . . not to mention apple picking, halloween-dreaming, and soup making. . . Still, settling into some rituals and carving out some special space for reflection seems hopeful and bonds us more closely to each other.

How does your family celebrate and reflect in this season?

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