Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Talking to Kids about Bias, Marriage Equality, and a rare ask for $$ for the cause

As you may know, Maine is set to be the first state to protect marriage equality at the ballot box, and this historic campaign means a lot to me. 

Currently, the advertising asking Maine people to repeal the law granting marriage equality is an example of adults engaging in persuasive tactics that are based on bullying language.  Bill Nemitz's column today expresses these concerns beautifully. (see the Bangor Daily news editorial questioning the claim that children will be indoctrinated in school, or the memorandum from Maine's Attorney General, Speaker of the House and President of the Senate refuting aspects of the ads, to see some ads, click here.)

We must show the right that we will work together to maintain an inclusive state, and that we will protect Maine's children from hate and exclusion, on this issue and the other initiatives that threaten our communities. We need to stand up, together, and refuse to be manipulated or intimidated by the scare tactics being used in the Yes on 1 media. 

I am helping the NO on 1 / Protect Maine Equality Campaign raise money as part of the Online Walk Against 1. For every $1 I can raise, I'll cover one more of the 35,385 square miles in Maine. Our goal is to of raising $35,385 by October 9th. Will you please chip in a few dollars to help me hit my fundraising goal and cover as many miles as I can?

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