Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I believe that control over my body is a fundamental human right. Control over reproduction matters to me in such intimate ways, but also in really basic political ways. And I want my daughters to come of age in a world that is less objectifying, more sex-positive and authentic, and allows the to control all aspects of their sexuality. Why does that feel like such a pipe dream?

There is a way to take concrete action today! Picketers have reemerged on the steps of Maine's Family Planning Association, trying to shame and intimidate women who enter the clinic, despite the wide variety of reasons women might seek health care from FPA. Family Planning has a great response - - they are asking pro-choice people to pledge anything from a quarter on up, for every picketer who shows up. (At last check, they have 58 pledges -- we should be able to bring this to at least an even 100!) Although it would be much better to lose the picketers and the money, at least this creates a bit of a quagmire for those who want to interfere with women's access to health care -- and raises much needed funds for an extremely valuable program.

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