Monday, March 23, 2009

Tell Scholastic - Take the Commercials Out of Books

This is a special request from the Campaign for a Commerical Free Childhood for teachers to talk back to scholastic...

Teachers Tell Scholastic to Shape Up!
"Our school is taking a stand against mass marketing to children. Scholastic is a Book Club and should not be an advertising base for products marketed to children. We see this as exploitation! Our teachers will not be used as salesmen."~ Jeanne Voltz-Loomis, Pre-K Teacher, Myrtle Beach, SC.

When nearly 5,000 CCFC members told Scholastic to "Put the book back in book club," a Scholastic executive told the New York Times, "We work with teachers to make sure that items are O.K. to put out in their classrooms." But teachers all over the country are telling a different story. More than 800 people have already signed CCFC's teacher petition to Scholastic and many have included personal, eloquent expressions of discomfort about promoting toys and plastic trinkets to their students. Some have stopped distributing the flyers altogether.

If you're a teacher and you have not yet signed the petition, please take a moment to do so by visiting If you're not a teacher, please share our petition with the teachers you know. And be sure to visit our Shape Up, Scholastic headquarters at for information and resources for countering Scholastic's in-school commercialism.

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