Sunday, March 15, 2009

Programs from Primary Source

Same dear friend recommends the programs and resources developed by Primary Source. Especially interesting to me is this summer conference -- what are our emerging 21st century skills, values and educational mandate?

Teaching for Global Understanding in the 21st Century

Online Orientation: 6 hours to be completed from June 19-28, 2009*
Institute Dates: July 27-31, 2009
Location: Boston College
Follow-Up Session: Saturday, October 17, 2009
PDPs/Credits: 67.5 PDPs; 3 graduate credits for the course
Fee: Partnership educators--no cost other than fee for 3 graduate credits;
Non-partnership educators--$600 plus fee for 3 graduate credits
Registration Information

Educators are increasingly aware that the challenges of our changing world will require students to think and learn in new ways. In addition to teaching core academic content, our schools need to cultivate key skills: global awareness, critical thinking, media literacy, collaboration, intercultural communication, technological ability, and civic engagement. This course will explore the importance of such skills and will build a case for re-envisioning how we prepare students for an interconnected world. Participants will examine the global economy, the environment, health, social justice, education, and the globalization of culture. Interested participants should be willing to take on a leadership role in their districts and to be advocates for global education across disciplines and grade levels.

Suitable especially for K-12 educators and curriculum leaders.

*In addition to an online orientation, this course will involve participants in a variety of new technologies in the field of global education. Advanced reading and one hour of online discussion is also required.

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