Thursday, March 5, 2009


This podcast was just recommended to me - I've downloaded it but haven't listened to it, but decided to put it out here 'cause it would be great to get some comments about other resources for thinking about solitude and silence, and what people think about this message...

Podcast: KQED Forum
Episode: 1/30/09 "The End of Solitude"
Description: The advent of new technologies like text messaging and online
social networking makes it easier to connect with friends far and wide, but
at what cost? We talk with literary critic William Deresiewicz about the
repercussions of hyper-connectivity and a generation that, he argues, seems
unable to tolerate solitude and quiet reflection.

(I couldn't get it off of itunes store, but did download it from the KQED website which is linked above).

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